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Aims of business


Antwerp Business Consulting Group
Russian-Belgium Consulting Agency

1) Connect Business & Customers
2) Eliminate the borders
3) Internationalize Businesses
4) Provide new market entry

Antwerp Business Consulting Group (ABCG) offers a unique combination of the advice and experience of successful Belgium, Russian and local business professionals, together with a dedicated team of consultants who know Central and Eastern European markets. Thanks to our network of partners throughout Central and Eastern Europe we are able to provide comprehensive regional services as well as consulting services for each individual Central and East European country.

We offer a full scope of consulting services a company might require to enter a market, find a business partner or gain reliable information. Our typical projects include: competitive intelligence and strategic advisory as well as consulting for foreign direct investments or mergers & acquisitions. Our services are always tailored to the specific requirements of our clients.

ABCG renders high quality services to all our clients, delivering cost-effective solutions that are tailored to each company's specific requirements. We deliver advisory services supported by flexibility and reliability, business understanding and an in-depth marketing sense of each of our staff members.

Sectors of Antwerp Business Consulting Group expertise in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in Western Europe (particularly in Russia and CIS markets):

• strategic advisory
• market entry feasibility studies
• competitive intelligence (CI)
• foreign direct investment (FDI)
• sourcing
• due diligence
• mergers and acquisitions (M&A) assistance
• distribution channels development – partner/distributor search

We are not the virtual team of external consultants with attractive brand name, and not as famous and shine as you have got accustomed to see some consulting firms around the world. But we are the group of mutually exclusive professionals who can provide hi quality and clear solution for your company top management and, that is more important; maintain main aim of any business – it has to create value for its stakeholders.

We are unique in many respects, from our international and highly educated and experienced staff to our ways of looking to problem solving. We inspire confidence in tomorrow success in our clients and partners through creating and implementing unexpected and unprecedented strategies that are unforeseeable and hard repeatable by rivals.