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Our values


Understanding our clients

Before we start work for our clients, we need to understand the business they are in. We've been doing business in the Central Eastern European region for almost 12 years, but our clients always know more about what they do than we do. While we cannot expect to become as expert as they are in just a few days, we are very good at quickly getting up to speed on our clients' businesses, getting to grips with the key facts and issues relevant to our client's business objectives. We are interested in understanding their main sources of revenue, profit and competitive advantage, why clients choose them and not their competitors, and getting a feel for which type of opportunities are most realistic and relevant in our part of the world. Understanding the wider context improves the quality of our work enormously and makes our services better value for money. It also means that we can spot opportunities outside our brief - for example sourcing projects can generate acquisition targets if we know that acquisitions in low cost countries is part of the strategy, and competitive intelligence projects can yield sales channel development possibilities.


We always stay in close contact with our clients, warning them of difficulties we encounter in the process of working on their project. We will not conceal problems in attaining deliverables. We want to help our clients to achieve their objectives, and will confirm that the objectives are feasible before starting a new project. We are extremely proud of our expertise in gathering information, developed over ten years in specialist business publications, and have our own methodologies - the quality of available published data is often not high and we do not want to mislead our clients about what we can realistically achieve. Sometimes some companies refuse to answer some questions. We discuss this openly with our clients.

Value for money

Because we are in the region we are consulting about, it will be easier for us to provide value than consultants on the other side of the world. It is very important that our clients should feel that what we do for them is worth the money they pay us. We are dedicated to the highest standards and are always prepared to go the extra mile (or kilometer) to achieve a successful project. We pride ourselves on being reliable: our reports and presentations being accurate, our recommendations sensible and carefully thought out, and our support for implementation of our advice professional and timely. Much of our revenue comes from existing clients and this suggests that they believe we give value for money.

Excellent Communication

Good communication is vital. ABCG makes sure that both the client, and other parties involved in a project, are properly informed and have opportunities to comment and give feedback. This is done via ensuring and facilitating excellent communication, before the project starts, while developing our approach, during start up teleconferences or meetings, regular progress reporting, input into conclusions, and presentations. We make sure that the client is informed about the progress of the project, any potential problems and about important information received which can influence the conclusions. We believe and say that "Face to face is better than the phone, the phone is better than e-mail." But we know that face to face meetings, particularly in multi- country studies can be very costly. We try to meet our clients where possible and typically pick up the phone and call. We find that a willingness to talk things through is much more efficient than e-mail alone and our clients value our excellent foreign language communication skills.

Multi-cultural, multilingual, tolerant and diverse

ABCG has clients and staff from different parts of the world and we positively welcome diversity among our staff and clients. It is very satisfying to be able to work both for the world's most successful companies and countries, and also helping successful smaller enterprises from developing countries develop and grow. The success of our company is closely associated with globalization and the increasing integration of the world economy. At ABCG, and among our clients it's what you can do, not where you are from that matters - a Russian can be advising an Australian business development director working in a French company about marketing strategies in Central Europe.