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Our warranties


Antwerp Business Consulting Group guarantees its services to be delivered on time, as well as be budgeted, managed and executed to the highest professional standards. We are dedicated to conducting our business and to treating our clients in an honest and ethical manner.

ABCG shall render its services basing upon the information given by the Customer, as well as upon best world practices, its own international experience, know-how, methods, models and technologies, data obtained from open sources and from third parties. Whilst preparing the project documentation and deliverables and during the performance of its services, we shall rely upon the completeness and accuracy of the information presented by the Customer or/and third parties. For that reason, Antwerp Business Consulting Group shall not be liable for direct or indirect damage resulted from inaccurate or incomplete information submitted to us by the Customer or/and third parties.

However, we shall bear full responsibility for the expected deliverables agreed upon with the Customer in corresponding contracts. Nevertheless, it always remains a free will of the Customer whether to follow our recommendations or not. On its behalf, Independent Consulting Group is ready to assist the Customer in implementing them, anyway!