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Our projects


Development, production and entry market  the Retail Software Solution (INBOX) «Managerial accounting for Small Enterprize (SE trading and retail FMCG segment version )

Business Plan «Furniture shop or mall» (retail, premium FMCG segment, Russia adopted)

Business Plan «Art gallery» (retail, sale of paintings and subjects of arts)

Business Plan «Antique shop» (retail – applied for FMCG in Belgium and Russia)

Business Plan «Wrist watch shop» (premium FMCG  segment, Russia and Belgium  business model))

Business Plan «Service center for wrist watches» (medium and premium FMCG segments, for Russia)

Business Plan  «Furniture manufacrure – production and distribution» (cabinet furniture direction – FMCG, international, EU and Russia)

Business Plan «Production of men’s suits. Business development strategy» (FMCG, Holland - Russia)

Business Plan «Distribution of consumer goods to large ritail chains» (FMCG, factoring, Russia, China, Europe)

Business Plan «Foods minimarket chain. Optimisation and differentiation strategy» (Spain, Belgium, Holland)

Business Plan «Distribution of complicate equipment and hardware solutions for oil and gas industry players» (Europe, Russia )

Business Plan «Automatic fuel stations network. Development and implementation in life» (Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine)

Business Plan «Forklifts manufacture. Business development and entry market strategy» (Russia, niche strategy)

Business Plan  «ETMS solutions systems development and selling to pharm industry players” (Russia)